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Concerts From the Library of Congress 2012-2013 Season Preview Podcast, “American Voices”

September 5, 2012

Join Anne McLean, Loras Schissel and Nicholas Brown of the Library of Congress's Music Division as they discuss some of the highlights from the 2012-2013 concert season.

They are joined by Chloe Veltman, a junior fellow at the Library of Congress and host of VoiceBox, a weekly public radio and podcast series about the human voice and the best of the vocal music scene.

Please click here to listen.  

Audio used by permission of: 

COPLAND “Appalachian Spring” – World Premiere Performance, Library of Congress 

ADAMS “Son of Chamber Symphony” – International Contemporary Ensemble/Hendon Music/Boosey & Hawkes 

TRADITIONAL “Lay Me Low” – Joel Frederiksen/Harmonia Mundi 

HERBERT “Petite Valse” – William Hicks, piano and Jerry Grossman, cello 

GUTHRIE “The Gypsy Davy” – American Folklife Center, Library of Congress



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